Ajit Ghaste
08 Dec, 5:43 PM
Businessmen on Taljai Hill closed their shops in response to the Bharat Bandh

The nationwide bandh called against the new farmers' law of the central government, Satara Road, Sahakarnagar, Parvati, Laxminagar, Taljai Hill etc. The response was received in the area and there was a sparse congestion of vehicles on the main road in the area. However, the effect of the shutdown was not felt in daily life. The traders responded by keeping their shops closed in some places while the shops selling vegetables, groceries and other necessities remained open. In response to today's nationwide bandh in the Parvati assembly constituency, corporator Subhash Jagtap, NCP Parvati assembly president Nitin Kadam, working president Dilip Arundekar, Amol Nanavare, Rishi Bhujbak, Parvati Congress' Satish Pawar and Shiv Sena office bearers etc. responded, joined and expressed support for the bandh.

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