Mithilesh Rokade
02 Nov, 12:52 PM
3KM Team
Watchman was not fun at first, but I have done all kinds of work so there is no shame now. " But I liked the business of selling flowers. I myself sell flowers in the city, but I started on this road, now I have been doing this for 35 years, people take flowers and garlands from me at the time of marriage, now there is no shortage of orders. But one thing is, I still get up in the morning and am as happy as I was the day before. Now there are a lot of people with identities, everyone sees me through the eyes of God and even says so, why? Because everyone takes flowers and garlands from me, some take flowers for Goddess Mahalakmi, some take garlands as a gift for Lakshmi of your house. I find it very cool that some people still have old ideas. Even today, a very old man comes to me and carries a garland for his wife with great love - he packs it for me and also explains the reason for buying the garland, "Whenever Biwi enters, Janab, Gajra and Jalebi save, that is the formula!" An uncle just said something like that, I laughed a lot!
Tags: People
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