Mithilesh Rokade
08 Dec, 10:09 PM
Special Home Made Appams at your service!

My name is Rethnam Beemer, 
When I was young, as a girl it was normal for me to be in the kitchen helping my mother. I learned to make Appam at a very young stage of my life.
Now I'm 49 years old, I never knew that I'll start my own business of selling homemade Appams. 
One day my husband's friend ordered Appam from us, and he loved the taste.
At that moment, he suggested us to start selling Appam to the people around our house by taking orders.
It's been 2 months now, when we announced the opening, it was hard to get customers because of the pandemic. But as soon as the pandemic got at some ease, we got weekly 1-2 customers .
What makes my Appam so special? 
I serve both veg and non veg gravy with it.
Appam with veg gravy - ₹50 
Appam with non veg gravy (Chicken) - ₹75

Contact - 7040867924 

Location - Yerawada 




Tags: Appam, food, homemade
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