Jitendra Maid
09 Dec, 10:29 AM

Rangava came into the Mahatma Society
Kothrud, Tal. 9: The arrival of Rangava at the Mahatma Society in Kothrud caused a stir in the area. He stopped at an empty space in Mahatma Society's street number one. Earlier, he hit the gates of two houses. He entered the Society around 5 in the morning and was wandering in search of a place and entered an empty space. His nose was slightly injured in it.
Meanwhile, Kothrud police, fire brigade and forest department officials came here.
Forest Officer Deepak Pawar said that the cow may have come here by mistake from the NDA's forest.

Mahatma Society President Mahesh Gole said,
This is the first time we have seen a cow-like wild animal come to the society. But we have plenty of peacocks. 

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