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golden opportunity to see meteor showers
The meteor shower from "Gemini" in December is a famous golden opportunity for astronomers. This year, the meteor shower will reach its climax at midnight on the 12th and 13th, so it is the right time to observe the sky, said astronomer Amit Purandare.
The meteor shower, known to astronomers as the "Gemini meteor shower" or "Geminidus", was discovered in 1862. Since then, the meteor shower has been regular in December. The meteor shower will be a sight to behold, and after a long period of lockdown, the family has the opportunity to witness such a thrilling astronomical event.

Meteor showers of Gemini
- Comets are mainly caused by comets, but this meteor shower is an exception, due to an asteroid called 3200 Phaeton.
- Earth travels in December every year from asteroid debris scattered in space. So we see meteor showers from Gemini because of this debris coming from the Earth's gravitational force.
- 70 to 100 meteors can be seen per hour, but if there is no moon, the same number can go up to 160.

How to see a meteor shower
- Choose a dark place with low light pollution for sky observation. As few meteors as possible will be seen from the city.
- The time after 12 noon on the 12th and 13th will be correct. Normally at half past one, Gemini Raas will be on the head for two days. Use the accompanying picture to find Gemini in the sky.
- It is advisable to see meteor showers with the naked eye, but if it is binocular, gray meteors will also appear
- Observe the sky while sleeping with Gemini on your head. That means 270 degrees of the sky will come into view.
- Take proper care of cold and mosquitoes.

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