Noyonika Puram
09 Dec, 10:08 PM
Noor - a mental health startup

Mental health being a subject gaining increasing importance in today’s society, Noor is a start up that aims to address this.
Founded in June 2019 and based in Pune, Noor works towards helping people find a balance between their mental states and their personal and professional goals through various sessions. They have come up with various new concepts relating to spreading awareness on mental health in town for children, teenagers as well as adults. 
The founder of the startup Zeel Shah, shares that people want to be heard and they rarely find a person in front of whom they can be vulnerable and express their feelings. Their monthly session, Unfold, provides people a non-judgmental platform to express themselves. They conduct activities which help people open up, feel, share their emotions and also make new connections.
Noor wishes to bring about a positive change in the way students' mental health is dealt with and the unhealthy things they have learnt growing up. They believe that change needs to brought in the society, young and impressionable minds need to be influenced in the right direction.
They are currently working on coming up with different kinds of sessions for other aspects of our society. We are also building a community of mental health professionals and psychology enthusiasts.

Tags: business, mental health, events
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