Mithilesh Rokade
10 Dec, 10:26 AM
Human Rights Day : Know about Human Rights for senior citizens.

Humans should know about their rights, but more, they should focus on human facilities which leads to a better life.

Niwara , an old age home, it's a public charitable trust, it has devoted to the welfare of old men and women above 60 years of age who are without any close family members , without any source, without any livelihood.

But what's the motive of Niwara with respect to the human rights?

For senior citizens, what human rights says is, they should have adequate food, water, shelter and health care that can be provided by provision of community support and self-help. They should get a chance to generate an income source for them if possible.

But in Niwara, once someone is admitted to the institution, they are looked after till their last day.
The necessities mentioned above are brought into special attention over here.

What's the plus point of Niwara that matches to the human rights for senior citizens?

They have fast medical support . Niwara admits such elderly persons at a reasonable cost, in the patient care section called 'RUGNASEVA', which is located at the southern end of their campus and also they have medical support from Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital.

Final words by Mr. Ravindra Marathe sir who is the Trustee of Niwara, he says, 
" It's always good to know about human rights for all type of human categories, but the main focus should be treating the people according to it and thus providing the proper service to the humans, and I'm happy to say that Niwara does it all time . " 

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