Vandana Medhi
10 Dec, 3:33 PM
Employees, students will benefit from PMP

PMPML's Wagholi to Rahu (Route No. 137) and Wagholi to Ranjangaon (Route No. 161) bus services will start from December 12. The bus will run on Wagholi to Rahu route every hour and on Wagholi to Ranjangaon route every half an hour, which will benefit the employees, students and citizens.

Corona has not started smooth operation of PMP buses, as well as new buses have been certified in PMP's fleet. To connect the industrial and tourism sectors around Pune city, the Board of Directors of PMP has decided to start 12 bus services up to the limits of PMRDA. These include Wagholi to Rahu and Wagholi to Ranjangaon bus services. A large working class in the Ranjangaon industrial area lives in Wagholi. Also, workers and students from Rahu area come to Wagholi for work. A total of 4 buses will run on Wagholi to Rahu route and buses will be available every hour.

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