Aditi Kumari
10 Dec, 3:41 PM
Celebrate the National tie month! Let’s be honest, ladies, a good looking’ necktie speaks volumes about a man’s sense of style.

Did you know how Tie came into fashion?

During the Croatian War of the 17th century, Croatian soldiers known as Cravats wore Neckties, which evolved from the silk scarves and from then and there it became integrated into the fashion culture. However, the modern tie made its appearance in the late 1800s, by then the ties had been worn by the powerful, the influential, and thus it became associated with serious men on a serious business.

Celebrating Tie Month is simple, pick a day to wear your favorite tie. Don’t have a tie? Well, it's high time you fix that, so head out to our handpicked stores and purchase yourself a tie.

  1. ELEGANT TIE SHOP - M.G road: This tie shop in Pune is the answer to your needs. They have a range of ties, cravats, bow -ties, cufflinks and more all under one roof!
  2. Neckties and more, Phoenix Mall: They offer premium quality Neckties, Bow Ties, Suspenders, Caps, Belts and other fashion accessories at a great value.
  3. Satya Paul: Offers the best collection of a tie, Situated in Phoenix mall, Viman Nagar.
  4. The Raymond Shop: Men, it's time to add some glamour to your bespoke suit. So pick the best from here.

You can find here a good collection of tie to style with any formal shirt or blazers as this will give you a stylish look.

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