Noyonika Puram
10 Dec, 6:52 PM
Story behind Noor: A mental Health Startup Based in Pune

Zeel Shah, the founder of Noor – a startup for mental health, shares her story behind the start up. Being passionate about making a change in the way mental health is treated in our communities, her personal experiences, being a teacher and having the insane desire to leave a mark on someone's life led her to come up with Noor. 
She shares “ The journey began when I believed that I actually had it in me to bring about a change in someone's life.
The more you get to know people, you realise that everyone's got their own battles and everyone is capable of fighting their battles. They just need a gentle nudge in the right direction, or maybe someone to remind them to believe in themselves.”
At Noor, she aspires to help people be their own light.

Tags: people, mental health
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