Dilip Kurhade
11 Dec, 8:09 AM
Now petrol pump on your mobile
Large hospitals, factories, passenger buses, agricultural machinery or machinery in large projects in the city require diesel. For this, diesel is brought from barrels and pipes. It had a fuel leak. As time goes on, so does the cost. As a solution to this, the company 'Repose' has developed a mobile petrol pump and app. This is getting good response in the city. Large housing corporations, hospitals, industrial establishments, agricultural machinery, roads, metro project machinery using generators are getting diesel easily after power outages due to mobile petrol pumps. Diesel is pure, accurate and does not leak fuel. This saves time and money.
Ramesh Khandve, owner of Vishnu Parvati Petroleum in Lohgaon, said, ‘Mobile petrol pumps make it easier for societies to manage time. Diesel is available through e-mail, WhatsApp as per their demand. In the past, if societies wanted diesel, the tempo would cost two employees. It was wasting fuel
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