Devyani Edlabadkar
11 Dec, 1:21 PM
Bearded Man With Nathani

Let us express! 

Venkatesh Kodukula, also known as “The Bearded Man with Nathani”, has been to over 54 pride parades and has even attended 10 parades with this mother. 

”I identify myself as an androgynous gay man. Acceptance doesn’t come easily and it was not easy for my mother to accept that her only son likes men or likes dressing up like a girl but eventually, she accepted it. As an androgynous man, I love wearing sarees and jewellery and makeup because I feel comfortable in it. I always question everyone, who has made these segregations? Who says sarees and jewellery are only for women? That makeup is only for women? In ancient times, jewellery was worn by the queens and the kings. I believe all these things are gender-neutral and we as a society have made these segregations. Even if the mentality has changed over the years, it’s difficult to get people to acknowledge that this is normal. Instead of fighting for any more rights, I want to fight for acceptance. I want to fight for the rights and laws that already exist but haven’t been implemented yet. Acceptance will require time and I’m ready to give it time. But let us express ourselves because that is the basic human right.” says Venkatesh!

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