Devyani Edlabadkar
11 Dec, 4:01 PM
Are you missing out on the exhausting yet exhilarating experience of trekking? Let's reminisce the beautiful mountains near Pune on International Mountain Day
11th December every year has been observed as ‘International Mountain Day’. It started of in 2003 with an intention to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life and people around the world.

Even if we cannot go to places far away, on the occasion of national mountain day, we have for you different mountains near Pune and each other worth visiting.
Lohgad or Iron Fort, is situation near the hill station Lonavala. Recently in 2019, an inscription in Brahmi script in Prakit language dating back 1st century BC was discovered by a team of trekkers from Pune. The inscription is written in six lines.

Visapur, the twin fort of Lohagad, is larger and higher in elevation. It was built by first peshwe of marathi empire. The major features include ruins of large stone-built house known as peshwa’s palace, a huge carving of Hanuman, a well which is said to be built by the Pandavas and the legendary staircase waterfall.

Tung fort is known as Kathingad as well. Kathin in marathi means difficult. Named so due to the difficulties one faces while climbing the fort due to steep and a narrow route on the edge of the mountain throughout. It can be easily located as it is conical in shape, located near Lonavala and covered by water from all three sides of Pawna Dam, makes the fort an interesting climb.

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