Pravin Doke
11 Dec, 6:17 PM
Lemon price goes up by Rs 150; Decreased income due to leopard terror

The price of lemons went up

The arrival of lemons in the fruit market has been declining since last week. As a result, the price of lemon has gone up by Rs 150. There is a huge shortage of lemons in the market from Karjat, Rashin and Karmala. But leopards have been rampant in the area since last week. So it has had an impact on income.

Last week, there were 2000-2500 sacks in the market. However, it has come down to 1500-1800 sacks per day. As a result, the price of lemon has gone up by Rs 150 in the market. Farmers are currently avoiding going to the fields for fear of leopards. It has greatly affected the harvesting of lemons. At present, there is some demand from hotels, IT companies and messes in the city, said Rohan Jadhav, a lemon trader at Market Yard.

The price of a sack of lemon

Last week - Rs. 100-150

Current Prices - Rs.200 to Rs.350

Current Prices - Rs.200 to Rs.350

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