Mithilesh Rokade
11 Dec, 8:23 PM
Saying yes to my friends changed my life : International Mountain Day

I am Karan Chikodikar . 

My friends were stubborn and when I was just a 14 year old teen, one day they forcefully took me for a trekking camp. I did my first trek at Sinhagad fort. I thoroughly enjoyed it which resulted in a mind shift and since then I've been an all time trekker.

Up till now I have gone 4 times to Himalaya for trekking, 5 times to Kedarkantha and completed 15-20 trekks in the Sahyadri Mountains.

I'm 22 years old now and people know me as an all time trekker. I never thought that trekking would change my life. Sometimes I think, it was the right decision to say yes to my friends when I was 14 and now I can go anytime for a trek. I've been in connection with many organisers and firms who arrange treks for trekkers community. 
I guess we should always say yes to new experiences, who knows which one will stick with us forever.

This is me Karan, an amateur trekker.


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