Dilip Kurhade
11 Dec, 8:52 PM
Golden opportunity for students to become officers
Vedic IAS Academy will impart civil service training to ten thousand students in the state. A regional center of premium education institute is being set up in Pune to select school children and impart high quality training to them. The academy said it was launching a Vedic Erudit Scholarship Program in the state.
The academy strives to further spread its goal of creating an IAS from each school. The academy is also starting off-campus centers in every district of the state. Online classes are offered to students who want to take the civil service exam at the Vedic IAS Academy from the eighth grade. Students up to a maximum of 32 years of age can participate in this. The program is based on visual education and the study material is available in eight languages. This information was given by the senior officials of the academy in a press conference. Rosary School President Vivek Aranha, Vedic IAS Academy Vice President Dr. Sebastian Joseph, c. K. Rachel, President James Mattam and Solomon Sane, Regional Director, Maharashtra Vedic IAS Academy and Dr. Liana Sane were present.
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