Sahil Gosavi
11 Dec, 9:03 PM
Hydroponics - Trending art of home farming

Vessel or pot of nutrient-rich water, a plant and patience that's all you need to start hydroponic farming at home.

You can grow fresh organic vegetables at your home with the help of hydroponics.

Hydroponics is a gardening technique where the oil is replaced by a nutrient-rich water solution. According to botany experts, one can build for a longer time if the solution is balanced all the time. Lockdown forced people to grow veggies at home. Where in hydroponics is a very efficient way to do so. Experts say tomato plant cultivated in the soil gives almost 4kg of yield but the hydroponic method can give up to 7kg of yield.

The hydroponic method has gained more popularity in recent years. There are a number of examples where hydroponic has made it to the top in the sector of farming. There are various videos available online for guidance.

A 41-year-old IT professional Rudrarup Mitra from Pune has started workshops - "Grow what you eat", among the youths. According to Rudrarup Mitra, hydroponics is an old concept which is trending nowadays.

He has started conducting workshops to teach people the techniques of hydroponics and educate them on how to grow their own food.

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