Rajendrakrushna Kapse
11 Dec, 11:03 PM
Mart plays an important role in rural agri-tourism

Sunetra Ajit Pawar, the Founder President of Maharashtra, set up Mart on December 12, 2008, Sharad Pawar's birthday, to increase the economic income of farmers by launching agri-tourism ventures as an adjunct to agriculture in Maharashtra. It is being completed on Saturday, said the president of the organization Balasaheb Barate and secretary Adv. Vijay Jhol said.

The organization has created a number of entrepreneurs by promoting agri-tourism across the state through residential training camps, conventions, exhibitions, conferences. Out of this, direct economic income of farmers has increased by 20 to 50 percent.

The journey of the organization for the last 12 years

- The agri-tourism center came together under the umbrella of Shetkari Mart to bring harmony in agri-tourism. Farmers got a platform of rights.

- May 16 was celebrated as World Agri-Tourism Day and farmers were honored with Agri-Tourism Pride Award.

- Financial assistance to the families of drought and suicide affected farmers in the form of farm implements and seeds.

- 375 agri-tourism centers are providing agri-tourism services in the state through the efforts of marts.

- Agri-tourism educational course started Graduates, students working in agriculture and rural tourism.

- The state is at the forefront of agri-tourism in the country, which Mart is proud of.

Contact Mart

Maharashtra State Federation of Agriculture and Rural Tourism Limited Pune (MART)

434, Anushree Heights, 1st Floor, in front of Tehsildar's Office, Shukrawar Peth, Pune

Phone: 020-24489214


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