Jitendra Maid
12 Dec, 2:56 PM
Kothrudkars, don't be careless about Corona

The number of corona patients in Kothrud is now 127, with 9384 people having corona to date. 142 people have died. 9115 people freed from Corona, this is the credit side. At present, the number of corona sufferers has come down drastically, but it is a matter of satisfaction, but if we are negligent, we will be in trouble, said Dr. Chetan Khetmalis at the corona screening center at Annasaheb Patil School in Kothrud.

Dr. Khetmalis said that corona investigation has been going on in Annasaheb Patil school for the last six months. If one of them tested positive, everyone in the family and those in contact were tested. Currently, the number of corona patients has decreased due to people taking care and increased immunity. Where 250 people were examined daily, the number has now risen to forty to eighty. But people have to be careful. The mask should be continued. Yoga, exercise and hygiene should be taken care of. Even if the covid is reduced, it can grow again if neglected. You have to be careful even if the crowd grows after the vaccination.

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