Sandip Jagdale
13 Dec, 9:48 AM
Became self-reliant by overcoming disability

Congenital disability on both feet. Eighteen worlds of poverty in his home. However, without getting exhausted and without reaching out to anyone, he overcame his disability and stubbornly started a bicycle repair business. Today, he is financially self-sufficient. Also taking care of tired parents. Datta Bhagwan Chavan is the name of this stubborn crippled youth who lives a self-reliant and self-respecting life without capital of disability! His perseverance and his life journey is inspiring even to hardworking people.

Due to the fragile financial situation at home, Datta had to drop out of school at the age of seven. Because of his disability, no one offered him a job. Eventually, he worked for a year in a bicycle repair shop. He then started a bicycle repair business near the Mahalakshmi temple fifteen years ago. He has recently undergone training to repair a two-wheeler puncture due to low income from the shop. Now he is removing the puncture of the bike. The battle of his life has been going on since birth. But no matter how many crises he encounters, he does not waver. Without getting exhausted, he starts working again with new hope. It also informs our other disabled persons about various schemes of the government.

"Disability is a mentality," Datta told Dainik Sakal. No one can stop you if you stick to it, have the ambition to soar, and work hard to achieve it. It is with this positive thinking that I am constantly striving. I am taking care of my parents with the income from the business I am doing. Their blessings are great for me. I currently live in a rented room. My expectation is to have my own home. I appeal to the government and NGOs to help me through this morning.

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