Nilesh Kankariya
13 Dec, 11:56 AM
Our village and our gram panchayat is fine

No development has taken place in 11 villages which were earlier included in Pune Municipal Corporation. The same situation will happen when Wagholi is included in the Municipal Corporation. At present, NMC will be interested in Wagholi tax and Gairan land. How to develop the included village. Did you plan it? How much funds will be reserved? This should be clarified by the state government. After taking these villages, the area of ​​Pune Municipal Corporation will be bigger than Mumbai. Will it be possible for NMC to develop such an area? It would be appropriate to include villages only by establishing an independent municipal corporation. Otherwise, Wagholi will be in a very bad situation. At present Gram Panchayats are doing proper development. There are currently 17 members to learn about citizen issues. If you go to the Municipal Corporation, there will be 1 or 2 corporators. So there will be no one to know the problems of the citizens. As a result, our village and our Gram Panchayat is better, said former Deputy Panch Rajendra Satav, Sanjay Satav, Ramdas Dabhade, Panchayat Samiti member Sarjerao Waghmare, Deputy Panch Mahendra Bhadale, Sandeep Thorat and other villagers in the meeting.

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