Pravin Doke
13 Dec, 3:07 PM
At the price of cilantro, safflower, roots, chukka and gram

Prices of cilantro, safflower, roots, chickpeas and gram have declined due to increased inflow of leafy vegetables in the vegetable sector. Onion, chakwat, hemp and spinach prices declined, while fenugreek, shepu, mint, amaranth and chawlai remained stable. Two lakh judas of cilantro and eighty thousand judas of fenugreek arrived at the market yard on Sunday.

In the wholesale market, cilantro fell by 50 paise, saffron by two rupees, roots by three rupees, chuka by one rupee and gram by four rupees. Onion prices have gone up by Rs 5, chakwat by Rs 1, hemp by Rs 5 and spinach by Rs 1, said Amol Ghule, vice-president of Aadte Association.

Prices of leafy vegetables (per cent judy ): Cilantro: 100-350 , Fenugreek: 200-400 , Shepu: 100-300 , Onion: 1500-2000 , Chakwat: 300-400 , Safflower: 300-400 ,
Mint: 100-200 , flax: 700-800 , per: 800-1000 , amaranth: 300-400 , mistakes: 200-400 , cavalai: 300-500 , parents: 300- 500 .

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