Chinmay Hardikar
04 Nov, 11:06 AM

Shaniwarwada was more than just a tourist spot in our times.

I am Giridhar Rathod. 
I was born in 1940 , many times youngsters ask me if I saw Britishers that time and I say, " I did! "
People use to run whenever they saw any of them, it was a heart attack to us every time we saw Britishers.

That time Shaniwarwada was huge , 
I still remember it was high as 5 story building , but Britishers broke down it's major part and it's monuments too.
There use to be Bullock carts standing outside Shaniwarwada and the farmers had their afternoon meal those days .
There use to be grain ware house in Shaniwarwada. The population was less in Pune and people over here use to ask the other city residents to send their family members to reside here, just to torch a lamp in empty houses. 
Rest you all know, it's 2020 !


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