Chinmay Hardikar
04 Nov, 8:02 PM

‘Malkapur’ was the ancient name of Raviwar Peth. In the reign of Balaji Bajirao Peshwa, Mahajan, Vyavhare, Joshi had renamed this place as Raviwar Peth. Raviwar in English means Sunday due to which this peth being closed on the same day as the reason. However, today it functions on all days. This area is extremely famous for the shops of Gold and Silver ornaments. Therefore this area is well known as 'Sarraf Katta', where you can find all types of ornaments. This area is also renowned for it’s wholesale textile market. The Temple of 'Someshwar', ‘Laxminarayan’, ‘Ram Mandir’, 'Jumma Masjid' and 'Bhohri Jammat Khana' are famous in this area.

Tags: Pune, City, Raviwar Peth, Peth
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