Rajendrakrushna Kapse
14 Dec, 2:42 PM
Cross the rugged Wazir cone in just fifteen minutes

Krishna Margale, a 23-year-old climber from Sinhagad-Donje, a 200-foot-tall 'Wazir' near Mahuli fort in Thane district, climbed in just 15 minutes.

Due to the dense forests and deep valleys, the region is very scenic. Facing many difficult challenges. L. Adventure climbers carried out the expedition successfully. The campaign was led by Lahu Ughade. Tushar Dighe and Shankar Margale were also involved in the campaign.

Earlier, many expeditions like Khadparshi (Vanarlingi), Dukes Nose, Tailbaila, Kalkarai, Lingana, Tanaji Kada have been successfully completed. Shivaji Raje Climbing Wall and Shivdurg Lonavla got support for such expeditions.

Why is called Wazir?

Wazir is extremely tough for trekking. The height of Wazir Cone is 200 feet and Mahuli fort is 2,800 feet above sea level. This cone, which looks like a chess player, is located near Mahuli fort in Thane district. As it is difficult to climb, this cone always attracts the climbers.

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