Mithilesh Rokade
14 Dec, 5:17 PM
The Concrete Umbrella

14th December, Monday, unexpected rainfall experienced by the people of Pune city and mainly the localities of Dhayari. 

But, people of Pune are lucky, why? 
Pune has some big sized bridges and highways built in such a way that people can take shelter under it when there's heavy rainfall and defend themselves from getting sun-baked during hot summer days. A similar incident happened this morning. People were standing below the bridge of Mumbai-Bangalore highway when it started raining. This bridge serves as a big concrete umbrella for the people passing by.

This playful but fluctuating climate is an invitation to viral infections, and in such situation of Covid-19 period, weak immune systems are highly targeted by such infections. During such unprecedented times, this umbrella proved to be a boon to the travellers. 

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