Devyani Edlabadkar
15 Dec, 5:39 PM
Do you want to know how chai would’ve tasted when made on the basis of chulha?

Bavdhan, a sacred place for tea lovers with five to six tea cafes in a 1km radius, is exactly the perfect place for you.

The very first place that offers you tea with a smoky flavour is Tandoori chai. It is made by taking iron tongs and keeping an earthen cup in a hot tandoor or a metal drum. When the cup is hot, it is taken out and a sweet milky chai is poured which froths over. Then this chai is poured into another kulhad and served giving you a wonderful smoke flavoured chai.

Apart from this, there is chai katta, a cafe that serves around 10 different kinds of teas, wadapav cafe where you can enjoy tea with wadapav or bun maska.

It is time for you to explore this paradise.

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