Pravin Doke
05 Nov, 4:36 PM
This year, the price of Raipur Peru has dropped by 30 per cent

Raipur Peru prices down 30 per cent this year
Market Yard, Tal. 5: For the last 5-6 days, Raipur Peru has started arriving in the fruit market with sweet taste, low seeds and large size. But the demand for Peru is low due to the outbreak of the corona virus. & nbsp; Due to higher inflows than demand in the market, prices are getting about 30% lower this year than the previous year. Last year, the wholesale price was Rs 80 to Rs 120 per kg. It is between Rs 30 and Rs 70 this year, said Santosh Oswal, a Peruvian trader at Market Yard.

The inflow is coming from Satara and Solapur districts including Baramati area of the district. The fruit weighs 500 to 700 grams. The current season will continue till the end of December. Raipur Peru is in demand from city, suburban vendors, juice makers. However, the closure of the pulp industry by Corona has hit Peru. Therefore, there is no expected demand from Goa, Mumbai like every year. Prices have been lower since the beginning of the season. However, Oswal said prices will rise as demand increases.

At present, the market is witnessing a regular inflow of 800 to 900 carats. The wholesale price is Rs 250 to Rs 400 per 20 kg. Regular arrivals are coming from the district as well as the Nagar district. The Peruvian demand was also hit by the Corona.

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