Mahadeo Pawar
15 Dec, 6:39 PM
Guidance for women at Gokulnagar Plateau

Business training guidance was given to women from Gokulnagar Plateau at Warje Malwadi. The image of Kantijyoti Savitribai Phule was worshiped at this time. On the occasion of Sharad Pawar's birthday, ordinary women in the area were given guidance on business as well as how to grow, sustain and get a business. Vaishali Bankar and Sunita Pawar gave information about the business. On behalf of Yashwant Education Social Foundation, the women were honored with certificates. Founders of the Foundation Neelam Dolaskar, Shweta Dolaskar, Harshada Bade, Sojar Shinde, Sunita Pawar, Vaishali Bankar, Sakribai Pawar, Pratap Mane, Raviraj Swamy were present on this occasion.

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