Aditi Kumari
15 Dec, 10:32 PM
Did you know that December is observed as National #WriteABusinessPlanMonth?

If you have been waiting to start a business, you must get a business plan template first. It's not that late to start a new business before the year ends. Well, my friend, if you are not sure, how to start the planning we are here to guide you about writing a business plan. Creating a business plan is important as it outlines the route that company has to take for the early years of business. So we recommend you to follow some specific key elements which make your business plan look perfect, which are:-

  • Executive Summary 
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Company Description
  • Management & organisation
  • Marketing & sales
  • Request for Funding
  • Financial Projection

So stay organised while writing your business plan and include these key elements to have a smooth-running company.

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