Mithilesh Rokade
16 Dec, 5:52 PM
Progress from business to job

My life has been better stabilized by business than by job. My business concept was a bit different. The business I started seven years ago is doing well now,

Babu Margale and his wife roam around in the Piaggo Tempo and sell tea and snacks. When interacting with Babu Margale, who has become a professional after a difficult journey in life, he explained many aspects of his life. "I had to quit my education and get a job because of poor conditions at home," he said. The wedding took place in a few days. But my salary did not cover my living expenses. Also, my wife Anita Margale was studying for a degree in Commerce. As soon as it costs. So I quit my job thinking of starting a business. 

In Kondhwa, I started a business of selling tea to the people on the road. I started a business in the Pigago Tempo called Jay Malhar Tea and Snacks Center. I got a good response from customers. I have daily customers. Now I can afford life. This has been made possible by my business.

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