Mithilesh Rokade
16 Dec, 11:23 PM
Temple which represents 'No Parking' sign

We have numerous Ganesh Temples in Pune which are prestigious. People swear by God's name, they take his name when something wrong happens, they worship God when something good happens, many names for baby are kept by the name of God.

But ever heard of God's name being used to avoid  parking vehicles?
Akhil Sinhagad Road Yuvak Mitra Mandal played a very smart move to avoid unwanted parking of vehicles by placing a Ganesh temple right after the footpath. The remaining space is covered by shops and their owned parking space. To avoid unwanted parking they have painted one side of this small temple and they have written a note of 'No parking'. This unique idea has proved to be really useful.


Tags: Places
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