Pravin Doke
17 Dec, 11:37 AM
Reduction in Flower Prices

Good news! Flower prices have significantly reduced by 50%

Flower prices fell by 50 per cent in the market yard flower market on Thursday. The number of customers in the market was higher as compared to Monday, Tuesday. 

Flowers are coming from Alandi, Nagar, Yavat, Malshiras, Solapur, Kalamb and Satara, said Arun Veer, President, Flower Market Barriers Association.

Prices of flowers per kg are as follows: Marigold: 10-30, Rose: 50-100, Oyster: Judy 5, Holiday 30-50, Capri: 20-30, Shevanti: 50-80, (Pack price) Rose: 10-20, Rose Cady: 40-60, Dutch Rose (20 nos.): 50-80, Gerbera: 30-50, Carnation: 100-120, Shevanti Cady 150-250, Lilium (10 sticks): 800-1200, Orchid 150-250.

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