Chinmay Hardikar
05 Nov, 7:58 PM
In the Light of Divinity

The Kasba Ganpati holds great historical significance and has very interesting folklore attached to it. Adil Shahi, the sultan of Bijapur, swore to completely destroy Pune in order to teach Shahaji Raje Bhosale a lesson and emerged victorious in his endeavour. 

However, Pune is a fighter city and eventually flourished, bringing back settles from around the country. When Vinayaka Bhatt migrated to Pune with his family, he stumbled upon a naturally carved idol of Lord Ganesha. With Jijabai‚Äôs arrival in Pune, the idol of the Jayate Gajanan (victorious Ganpati) was ceremoniously installed. It is said that Shivaji Maharaj never went to war without bowing before the Ganpati. Since then, Kasba Ganpati is considered to be the Gram devta of Pune.

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