Karina Rupani
05 Nov, 10:06 PM

Fascinating Folklore of Kasba Ganapati

It is regarded as true that, a person named Vinayaka Bhatt Thakar had a dream of Lord Ganesha, commanding him to situate an idol of Ganesha in the area which is now called as Kasba Peth.

From Karnataka, Vinayaka and his family with several seven families migrated to Pune. He stumbled over an idol of Lord Ganesha, which was sculpted naturally around the days before or after his dream. The courageous Jija Bai, regarded the dream as good fortune from Lord Ganesha when she was enlightened of the events. She then settled to build a temple which is now considered to be the gram devta (presiding deity) of Pune, Kasba Ganpati.

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