Mithilesh Rokade
18 Dec, 11:51 PM
He stopped going to school, still his life is so colorful

I stopped my education after 9th standard since going to school was never my thing. My family ran a business of Nursery and it's been working since 25 years. We own the Yadav Nursery in Anand Nagar. After I left my education, I started working at our own home business and it was cool to work like this My parents scolded me at first, they tried to explain me about the importance of education, but I was firm on my decision, and now, my family has accepted me. 

As I interacted with many of my customers while working at the Nursery, a lot of them usually came up with the English name of any sapling they wanted. It was hard to understand. But, I did not lose hope and slowly learnt about every plant and it became very easy to understand what my customer wanted.

Now we have flowers like Shevanti, Sadafuli, Karnesa (Dandes). We also have mini cactus which are cute and artistic. Buy flower pots from us, they are all of good quality.

Flower saplings - ₹30 each 
Mini Cactus - ₹100 - ₹300 each 
Flower pots - ₹ 180 - ₹450 each





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