Samiksha Mundada
19 Dec, 4:50 PM
Hacking/data theft now has a separate unit along with 4 more units under the Pune Police Cyber Crime Cell

Pune Police will be expanding it’s cyber-crime cell into five units with an intention to deal with cyber-crime cases more effectively. For investigation, different types of cyber-crimes would be distributed among these five units. 

One unit will focus on “hacking/data theft”. It will cover cases regarding data theft, source code theft, credential theft, identify theft, “man in middle” scams, hacking of websites, hacking Whatsapp and threatening, extortion etc.

Investigating online business frauds like online sale and purchase frauds, fraudulent online multi-level marketing schemes, fake websites, hacking mobile phones for money transfer, Crypto currency frauds will be handled by another unit. 

A third unit will work on cheating cases involving online dating frauds, job frauds, online job rackets, lottery frauds, mobile tower installation frauds, etc.

The fourth unit will probe cyber-crime cases related to social networking such as fake profiles, obscene content, hacking Facebook accounts, posting defamatory content, posting personal information, communal content and upload objectionable videos and so on.

And the fifth unit will look after ATM card frauds, which will include cases of money transfer using cloned cards, OTP share frauds, illegal online money transfer by stealing ATM card information etc.

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