Pravin Doke
20 Dec, 2:10 PM
fine of Rs 21,000 for traveling without a mask

A fine of Rs 21,3358 was levied on those walking in the market yard without masks. As per the suggestion of department head Dattatraya Kalamkar, group heads Ashish Raut, Deepak Thopte and Dada Wargade have taken action against 34 people in the market and collected fines of Rs 8,054. Also, in Fruit, Onion and Potato section, action was taken against 56 persons for Rs. 8142 and a total of Rs. 13334. This action was taken by Balasaheb Konde on the instructions of Baba Bibwe, Head of Fruit Department.

Tags: Market yard, APMC, apmcpune, withoutmask
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