Dilip Kurhade
20 Dec, 5:47 PM
Lessons of Domestic Violence Act to the Police

Officials of Yerawada, Airport and Chandannagar police stations were briefed on the Domestic Violence Act at the premises of Yerawada police station. At this time, Adv. Guided by Asunta Pardhe. Yerawada Assistant Commissioner of Police Kishore Jadhav, Senior Inspector of Police Younus Sheikh and Panchshila Kamble were present on the occasion.

"There are four types of violence, physical, sexual, financial and verbal," he said. Boys and girls under the age of 18 are also protected under the Domestic Violence Act. A written report from a doctor is important if the victim is injured in the beating of her husband. The wife does not want jewelry, she wants a husband. Therefore, the role of defense officers is important. Divorce is not the end, the way to deal with the problem of beating is wrong. Managing one's anger and behavior is essential. Pardhe said the order to send her husband to a de-addiction center should be obtained from the court.

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