Ajit (अजित) Nadgir(नाडगीर)
21 Dec, 4:57 PM
Sankalp is a part of daily life

The first day of the new year is also celebrated around the world as Navasankalpa Day. Should we wait for a specific day to start a good thing? In fact, there is no such thing as a bad day for constructive work. Even though you know Shubhasya Shighram, why doesn't it come to mind till January one? It may be convenient to assume that the beginning of January 1 (and the end of December 31) should be convenient for measuring goals and objectives.

The resolution should be new. If you have only one goal on your list for the last five years, ask yourself the answer to how much of that goal has been achieved! The results have not been impressive, so we have to work on it next year. We will be surrounded by sculptural examples of those who started exercising on January 1. Some resolutions should become an integral part of daily life.

Most New Year's resolutions are related to lifestyle. So be it the beginning of exercise, staying away from unhealthy diet, saying goodbye to unhealthy addictions all year round and so on. All of these are related to lifestyle management.

Everyone who makes a new resolution should pursue their own goals and objectives on the following points.

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