Pravin Doke
22 Dec, 2:44 PM
Onions, Potatoes become cheaper

The arrival of fruits and vegetables in the market yard has decreased to some extent as compared to the previous week. However, prices of onion, potato, ginger, garlic and peas declined due to relatively low demand. The price has come down due to the doubling of tomato imports. While eggplant prices rose, prices of other fruits and vegetables remained stable.

9 to 10 trucks of carrots from Rajasthan, 4 to 5 tempos of cabbage from Karnataka, Gujarat, 10 to 12 tempos of green chillies from Karnataka and Gujarat, 2 to 3 tempos of shevaga from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, 30 to 32 trucks of peas from Madhya Pradesh, Meanwhile, 17 to 18 trucks of garlic had arrived from Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat have been imported.

1500 to 1600 sacks from Satara, cabbage about 3 to 4 tempo, cauliflower about 8 to 10 tempo, okra 7 to 8 tempo, guar 5 to 6 tempo, Simla chilli 8 to 10 tempo, tomato 12 to 1000 boxes, groundnut pods about 50 to 60 sacks, 3 to 4 tempos of Ghewda, 8 to 10 tempos of red pumpkin, 4 to 5 tempos of green chillies, 70 trucks of onions and 30 trucks of new onions arrived.

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