Pravin Doke
22 Dec, 2:47 PM
Watermelon, Oranges become cheaper

Prices of watermelon, muskmelon and oranges have come down, while those of cherries and custard apple have gone up. However, prices of lemon, papaya, pomegranate, sweet lime, chikku, pineapple and guava remain stable.

In the market yard, 5 trucks of pineapple from Kerala, 40 to 50 tons of citrus, 40 to 50 tons of oranges, 80 to 100 tons of pomegranate, 15 to 20 tempos of papaya, two to two and a half thousand sacks of lemon, 2 thousand sacks of chikku, 30 to 35 sacks of watermelon, 10 to 20 tempos of melon, 4 to 5 tons of custard apple, three hundred and fifty sacks have arrived.

Fruit prices are as under: Lemon (per sack): 200-300, Pineapple (dozen): 70-270, Sweet Lime: (3 dozen): 200-400, Orange: (10 kg): 100 -300, Pomegranate (per kg): Saffron: 50-150, Ganesha: 10-40, Arcta 30-65. Kalingad: 5-7, Melon: 10-20, Papaya: 5-10, Chikku: 100-500, Custard apple 20-150.

Tags: News,Market,Finance
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