Pravin Doke
22 Dec, 2:48 PM
Flower prices plummet due to cold

Increased cold has reduced flower production. Prices of ornamental flowers and other flowers have declined by 5 to 10 per cent due to declining demand. Lilies and jasmine have been affected by the cold. Marigolds have black spots due to the medicine falling on the flowers and the subsequent sun. As a result, prices are getting lower, traders said.

Flower prices per kg are as under: Marigold: 20-30, Rose: 50-80, Aster: Judy 6-12, Holiday 60-80, Capri: 20-30, Shevanti: 80-100, (Pricing price) Rose petals: 10-20 , Rose stick: 20-80, Dutch rose (20 nos.): 50-100, Gerbera: 20-30, Carnation: 80-100, Shevanti stick: 100-200, Lilies (10 sticks): 800-1200, Orchid 300- 400, Gladio (10 sticks): 20-30.

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