Rajendrakrushna Kapse
22 Dec, 10:22 PM
Scattering of red color on Sinhagad

The cold has increased in the last four days. Due to the increase in the amount of fog in the air, various shades of red color were felt in the sky this morning mainly before sunrise.

The last fortnight of December is on. The last four or five days have been cold. The city recorded an average temperature of 8.2 degrees Celsius in the morning today, while the fog was high from 9 pm to 7 am on Monday. As a result, there was more frost in the cold.

We left for Sinhagad at 5.30 am today. After reaching the fort on foot from Atkarwadi, a red color appeared in the dark blue sky to the east. Readers Sudhir Dhavade, Mahesh Mokashi, Sameer Jadhavrao and Milind Ingwale said that it was dark till sunrise and when it was over, red and blue colors were seen scattering in the sky as the sun rose.

It was colder and more foggy today than ever before. When the first rays of the sun fell on the dried yellow grass, the grass looked golden and shiny, said Shahaji Mohite, Ganesh Gaikwad, Kishore Chaudhary, Zakir Sayyed.

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