Rajendrakrushna Kapse
23 Dec, 8:35 AM
Garbage accumulation under the bridge in front of RMD College

Shiv Sena has demanded that the National Highways Authority should clean the bridge in front of RMD College at Warje Malwadi.

There is a small bridge on the highway in front of RMD Sinhagad College. Citizens constantly travel under this bridge. However, this area is littered with garbage. Besides this, there is also a demand for lights to be provided here. 

Shiv Sena assembly chief Nitin Wagh, division chief Ajay Pol, Chandrakant Kengar, Santosh Shelar, Vikram Surve, Kaustubh Udas, Ramdas Gaikwad, Saurabh Mokashi, Shivanand Konalikar, Sandeep Yadav and Bukesh Gaikwad made statements in this regard.

Tags: Politics,News
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