Samiksha Mundada
23 Dec, 3:41 PM
Malls in the city deck up in order to draw more customers

To invite more footfalls, malls in the city have jazzed up for Christmas and New Year.

A ‘Christmas Candyland’ featuring a 20ft candy tree and 8ft gingerbread house, a 2D gingerbread man with the base as a selfie point has been put up by The Pavillion Mall.

With a massive Pegasus, juxtaposing the icily geometric Mandala arches at the mall entrance, Phoenix Marketcity has come up with an elaborate ‘The Midas Christmas’ theme décor. Along with this, there are six geometrically sculpted gold reindeers about to take flight. At the base of it is a 40ft gold Christmas tree in the main atrium, an installation called ‘The Frosty Wave’ and a completely edible gingerbread house made of biscotti and icing sugar on the ground floor.

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