Devyani Edlabadkar
23 Dec, 4:48 PM
Odd and Unique

Like it’s name, this place offers Odd and Unique items. You will see a hundred year old typewriter, ancient cameras, paintings, gramophones, records, clay items and much more. 

“I used to be a journalist, I worked as a producer in a channel but I was not happy. I just realised it was not my calling and I came to Pune. Before coming here, I was thinking of what all I can do and then I got this idea. I have 21 radio licenses of my own and thousands of records. This business is purely out of love for aesthetic and ancient stuff.” says Parikshit Salunke, owner of the shop.

Odd and Unique rents these antics as well. They have clay items, paintings and also customise guitar shelves. All the things available here are one of it’s kind and will definitely make you go wow!

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