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06 Nov, 8:50 PM
Entered Alwar Onion Market Yard in Rajasthan

Market Yard, Tal. 6: After Madhya Pradesh, now onions have started arriving in the market yard in Pune from Alwar in Rajasthan. Farmers in the Alwar area of Rajasthan grow onions. The onion in this area is known as Alwar Onion. At present, this onion is fetching Rs 300 to Rs 400 per 10 kg in the wholesale market.

One to two carts of onion from Rajasthan are currently coming in the market. However, this income is insufficient. On the other hand, 5 to 6 trucks of onions from Madhya Pradesh are coming to the market every day. The price of this onion is Rs. 300 to 400 per 10 kg. Onions from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are of good quality. Also, new onions are arriving from Nagar, Shrigonda area. However, the grade of this onion is worse than that of foreign onions. Trader Riteish Poman said that fresh onions in Maharashtra fetch Rs 150 to Rs 350.

Although onions are grown in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, the quality of onions in Maharashtra is considered to be excellent throughout the country. Maharashtra and Karnataka are the major onion growing states. Maharashtra's onion meets the needs of the entire country. Due to heavy rains in Maharashtra and Karnataka this year, new onion seedlings were carried to the fields. The new onion season is expected to begin in December. New onions in Maharashtra have suffered huge losses. Rain has affected the grading. Ganesh Yadav, a trader at Market Yard, said that onions are being sold in the market from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh as good quality onions are available in Maharashtra at a time when about 70 per cent of new onions have been damaged.
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The central government has decided to import onions from Egypt, Turkey and Iran to control onion prices. Overseas onions will be widely available in the Diwali market. Although the grade of this onion is not as high as that of Maharashtra, it will be available to the common man at a lower price.
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The demand for old onions in Maharashtra continues across the country. However, the fall in prices has hit onion growers, farmers and traders hard. The market committee in Nashik was closed for a week due to action taken against onion traders. As a result, demand and supply were disrupted. This reduced the price of good quality old onions. In the wholesale market, the price of 10 kg of onion had gone up to Rs 850 to Rs 900. Traders said onion prices were brought under control due to the decision to import onions and take action against onion traders.

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