Reena Mahamuni-patange
24 Dec, 5:24 PM
The medical field needs Sankalpapathy

Ideal Integrated Medical Model can be used without opposing any pathology considering its special features and limitations. A practical example of this is Sankalpathy. Sankalpapathy is a way of thinking where patients can benefit from the efficiency of each path if they try to use it hand in hand, understanding each other. It is an integrated medical system that seeks to integrate allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy and naturopathy and human psychology. Doctors who have been working in the medical field for the last 30 years, former medical administrative officer and director of Sankalp Human Resource Development Institute, Dr. P. N. Expressed by Kadam. He was speaking at a press conference on the issue of pathology in the medical field. At this time, the director of Sankalp Sanstha, Dr. Apoorva Ahirrao, Dr. Manisha Kadam, Head of Research and Development Department Sherwari Dombe, Dr. Prachiti Punde, former principal Pvt. Subhash Patke was present at this time.

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