Jitendra Maid
07 Nov, 12:09 PM

Kothrud, Tal. 7

On the small balcony of the house, the birds begin to interact. The parrot comes making a sweet sweet sound. He slowly tastes the seeds lying ahead, announcing that he has arrived. Satisfied by drinking water. Chimneys, myna, salukhi, pigeons and other birds come here and express satisfaction.

Manas Garge, a teenager who heard the story of a grass chihuahua, a grasshopper, wanted to feed the animals. For this, he made arrangements on the balcony of his house in Shahu Colony, Karvenagar. Mang Kay began his dialogue with the birds. Now I have a good rapport with the birds.

Mahesh Garge (Manas's father) Everyone wants a shelter. Whether it is a human or a bird. During the Corona period, the means of subsistence sank, and hundreds of thousands of workers were seen walking for miles. Manas was very sad to see his condition. Man is making his way through adversity but how can birds make their way. He was upset at the thought of what would happen to the birds when we cut down a tree. He wanted us to build a shelter for the birds. We immediately nodded, noticing his feelings.

Manas Garge- The needs of animals are very low. They don't even take away another's share by storing it. Just hope for some grains ... just like the grains will fit in the beak ... drink some water and make a good noise and fly away. What good is a web site if it simply "blends in" with everything else out there?

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